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Ashley Madison RN


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We help nurses balance their
lives, break the cycle of
burnout and overcome
compassion fatigue.

Mentorship and Coaching for nurses from a nurse who truly understands...

Ashley will help you overcome overwhelm, burnout, compassion fatigue and transform your Health, Career, Finances and Relationships!

In her 17 year career as a nurse Ashley has worked in:

Hospital Bedside Care, Hospice Care, Home Health, Travel Nursing

and as an RN Clinical Supervisor

"I hired Ashley just to coach me on my challenges with burnout and got so much more.  

We nailed BOTH my career AND my life goals!

As a direct result of Ashley's Life Coaching I lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, rekindled the romance in my marriage, found quality time with my children and became a far better boss at work.  

I'm so glad I found Ashley and RNrevolution."


---Amber Kind, RN, Bintore, North Carolina


Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, end the cycles of
burnout, and compassion fatigue, reclaim your life
and feel great about your career again?

Dear friend,
I hear it a lot.  People contact me and say:

* I'm worried, I feel like I've lost my passion and I am exhausted ---

"I feel stuck and trapped.  My health, relationships or finances are not what I want them to be.  I'm having difficulties with energy, time management and stress.  I'm having trouble balancing the demands of my job and my life.

* When I hear this, I always say the same thing and that is ---

You're not alone!  I am not only a Mentor and Coach for Nurses I've been a registered nurse myself for 17 years.  I've been in your shoes and I totally understand how you feel.  So don't struggle a minute longer than you need to, you don't have to face your challenges on your own!  

Contact me for a free coaching session and let's move you forward together!

Ashley is a woman with the tenacity, passion, and "know how" to bring out the best in her clients, help them break through personal and professional obstacles and make things happen!
Since her time spent as an RN clinic supervisor to her success with her own personal coaching business Ashley has always produced top notch results for her clients.   She is a winner!!!

---Janet Rundlett, Portland Oregon


My Power Question Coaching Process

  • We look at where you are.

  • We decide where you really want to be.

  • We figure out what needs to happen to get you there.

  • We design a plan with a timeline broken down to 6 month, 3 month, 1 month actions.

  • We execute the plan together making adjustments and celebrating your wins as you go.

  • Repeat system for both career AND personal issues so BOTH your life and business are at their very best!

Ashley is a knowledgeable and intuitive coach who has helped guide me towards finding a happier, more fulfilling career and life.
Her advice for creating and building my business has been amazing and I have been thrilled to find that she is equally talented in helping me deal with personal and emotional issues.  
She's supportive, flexible, understanding and has helped me have a better quality of life.  I've learned so much from her approach.

--- Bevin Davidson


Don't struggle a minute longer than you need to!

Let a professional coach with over 17 years experience help you break through!

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